1. A/A: Holy Insanely & Pope Dancer
    Judas Vigilante

  2. Wight Panik (No. 23)
    Prudence Machete

  3. Black Candles @ 03:56

  4. LX: Regurgitate

  5. LIX: Generally Displeased

  6. LVIII: Self-War

  7. LVII: Switches and Buttons

  8. LVI: Suckered and thus Fucked Up yet again

  9. Games? E.P.
    Judas Vigilante

  10. LV: Nicely Cause Enough

  11. LIV: I Sidewind

  12. LIII: She Makes Me Wanna...

  13. LII: On The 7th Day

  14. LI: Song For The Love Of My Life (just the start, no regrets)

  15. L: Lord, Let Her Understand (dictaphone version)

  16. XLIX: (E)very (M)essage (M)ore (A)ppealing

  17. XLVIII: Deathwish

  18. XLVII: SkullSucker

  19. Braincuffs
    Prudence Machete

  20. Judas Full-On Killer
    Prudence Machete

  21. XLVI: The Separation Of Wrong From Right

  22. XLV: Christmas Is... ...No Good

  23. XLIV: In The Face Of Odds, An Anti-Plan! E.P.

  24. XLIII: Clio The Otter Is...Recently Coming

  25. Orbs Of Disappointment
    Judas Vigilante

  26. XLII: Zig-Zag

  27. XLI: Liar

  28. XL: Loco Cola

  29. XXXIX: First Destroyed, Then Made Anew

  30. XXXVIII: Insert A Dead Clock

  31. XXXVII: "I Am Noose / Why Knotted?"

  32. See If I Care?
    Perversion Guild

  33. Juan True Tree (For Yorga)

  34. Life Reflecting Death
    Perversion Guild

  35. The Last Days Of Jerkaholic Mindcrusher (a Uke insight)

  36. Brakes E.P.

  37. The Bad Priest And The Good Boy

  38. XXXVI: End of trials

  39. Wish You Hell E.P.
    Loving Alone

  40. XXXV: William Is Saddened

  41. XXXIV: Gratis Mantis E.P.

  42. XXXIII: "Wing-Dings"

  43. Fear The Umbrella Of Knowledge
    Perversion Guild

  44. Hours Of Suicide
    The Suicide Knobs

  45. XXXII: One Last F*ck You

  46. XXXI: F*ck You

  47. XXX: Real Songs About Fictional Characters

  48. XXIX: Habit Of A Lifetime (single track)

  49. XXVIII: Bental Mastard III (single track)

  50. XXVII: Fornicate Under Command Of The King

  51. Knuckler
    Razor Wrists

  52. XXVI: Purgatory Radar

  53. XXV: The End Of The End

  54. 1996
    Captain Kidder

  55. Every Swimmer Eventually Drowns
    Effervescent Pheasant

  56. 2nd Luminary
    Prudence Machete

  57. Lo-fi Divine 69
    The Imperial Lab Rat Ministries

  58. XXIV: Insignificant (track)

  59. XXIII: Too Bad Nice Guy (track)

  60. XXII: Song For A Girl Who's Hurting (track)

  61. XXI: HumperDumperDingaRinga (track)

  62. XX: Nincompoopy Trooper

  63. Damn Snakes
    Minimum Sin

  64. The Trials Of Tribes
    Minimum Sin

  65. XIX: Lie Piggy, Lie

  66. XVIII: Weirdo Thunderbus

  67. XVII: "...must shave the dummy mustard."

  68. XVI: Pondering Static

  69. XV: Terminal Pink Rampage E.P.

  70. XIV: Rarities and Oddities

  71. XIII: Domesticated E.P.

  72. Opening Gesture
    Razor Wrists

  73. XII: I Invisibly Feed The Neighbourhood

  74. Rationing Breath
    Captain Kidder

  75. XI: Be Not, Me (FREE XMAS E.P. 2014)

  76. X: I Cradle Atoms For Spaghetti Tours

  77. "Animal Inversion"
    Prudence Machete

  78. IX: Dictaphone / Microcassette Series Pt 2: "Corpus Vile"

  79. VIII: Dictaphone / Microcassette Series Pt 1: Gristle-Twist.

  80. VII: What's A Little Violence Between Pointless Celebrities?

  81. VI: Screwed From The Start E.P.

  82. V: The Pythons Jackpot

  83. IV: Metawonderpuss

  84. III: PlumYakkMammalLousyMr. Uni Tire (a.k.a.) Asthma Hound

  85. II: Self Immolation Day

  86. I: Our Son's Of Stimulation

  87. Fanatical Bedroom Deposits
    The Suicide Knobs

  88. "Universal Star Bursting (or) Kamikaze Raygun Elder"
    Judas Vigilante

  89. X-Ray Potty Mouth
    Judas Vigilante

  90. Ark II

  91. Ark I

  92. Boo Wee
    Joe Relic

  93. Never Please
    Joe Relic

  94. The Looks Shit, Sounds Great Demo

  95. 69 (pt. A)


The Pleasure Cast Northern Ireland, UK

151 releases now since 1999. (not all on here) One man on a mission to write and record as much quality & unique original material as possible under many different projects.



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